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Childers Law provides smart, creative, and cost-effective legal representation for individuals and businesses in commercial litigation and related practice areas.

Commercial disputes can be time-consuming and disruptive, and if you engage the wrong attorney to represent your business in litigation, they can be catastrophic.

We can help candidates and voters with election-related issues.

Childers Law advises and represents our business and individual clients in real estate investment and development, including commercial leases and litigation related to real property.

Client Reviews

What a ride! Right? So many things to reflect upon. So many emotions. So many lessons. I will always appreciate your professionalism and high level of skill to defend our company properly. I am thankful that you are using your talents obediently to fulfill God’s calling in your life. We are blessed because of this. Thank you for giving your time and passion for defending our business so well.
"There was a deadline to consider and I so appreciated being able to get an appointment during the same week that I reached out to the office. Sarah has a calm confident demeanor which was such a positive influence on me. I’m so glad that I was referred to this office by another attorney‘s office and I’m so glad that I was able to get connected with Sarah so that she could be the one to advise me."
"Thanks for the advice and time that Childers Law has put into this effort. Your firm made it so I didn't feel like crying every day. I feel blessed to have found an insightful, engaging, and often hilarious lawyer within our city."​
"Although I’d decided I’d be taking the vaccine, for personal reasons, I was vehemently opposed to the mandate. I joined the fight because the mandate was wrong! Jeff was the attorney for the job. He was not only passionate, he was sincere and prepared to take on the cause. He was diligent, and never wavered. When the Governor came to speak to the city, Jeff stood in the background and allowed city employees to make their case. He never grandstanded. Jeff is the real deal!"
"Thank you very Kindly, Suzette. Childers Law serves ongoing by providing connections to the likeminded. And God Bless You All."
"I assumed you all would be too busy to respond, Suzette - thank you for responding! I literally just got goosebumps. I hope you all get enough positive feedback from us Patriots just how BEYOND GRATEFUL we are to what you have been doing. Jeff did G-R-E-A-T on his Epoch AND epoch interview (that’s where I heard he was building a network of like-minded lawyers and was hoping for a referral). I just wish I was in your town - I would LOVE to work at the firm!! Please let me know if there is anything you all need help with. I could go on and on how grateful I am to God bless you! So."
"We are thankful for the resolution and for your team. It is nice to align with a team like yours that excellently provides the tangibles of being prepared, smart, and strategic and the intangibles of being kind, thoughtful, and empathetic to the stresses challenges like this bring. Great Job Ellen."


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