We Help Small and Mid-Size Investors, Lenders And Individuals Enforce Their Rights

When your debtor files for bankruptcy, you still have legal remedies. An experienced creditors' rights attorney can help you stake your claim and challenge the discharge. He can also help to defend you against aggressive actions from bankruptcy trustees seeking to recover legitimate payments that you might have received.

ChildersLaw represents individual creditors in bankruptcy litigation and recovery actions. We know that smaller creditors often get shortchanged in favor of banks, credit card companies and other large institutional creditors. We can get between the debtor and the trustee and larger creditors to put the brakes on bankruptcy and recover as much of your debt as feasible.

We Stand Up For Individual Creditors In Northern Florida

Attorney Jeff Childers is an experienced bankruptcy litigator. He provides full-service representation to individuals and small or medium-sized creditors who have lent or invested significant sums of money. He can knowledgeably represent you throughout the process, from pre-bankruptcy actions through bankruptcy court relief:

  • Nondischargeability actions
  • Avoidance actions
  • Preference payments
  • Fraudulent transfer
  • Bankruptcy fraud
  • Relief from automatic stay

It is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible, as these actions have short deadlines. Mr. Childers can assess your options and the cost-benefit of pursuing recovery. With the right strategy and timing, it is rarely a lost cause. In bankruptcy proceedings, we strive to place our creditor clients in the first tier of priority for repayment or recovery of liquidated assets.

Creditors' Rights Advocacy For Complex Situations

Jeff Childers has litigated these claims from the other side as a bankruptcy lawyer. He knows what trustees can and cannot do in attacking blameless creditors of bankrupt debtors.

  • Our client, the owner of a data processing firm, faced one of 500 avoidance actions filed by the trustee in a large chapter 11 case seeking turnover of legitimate payments of millions in legitimate data processing fees. We settled for $30,000.

  • We represented the owner of a tool-and-die parts supplier who had received payments of $200,000 within in the 90 days prior to the debtor's bankruptcy petition. The trustee sent a letter to our client demanding the entire amount. We settled the case for $4,000.

We work hard to preserve your claims and ensure the debtor seeking bankruptcy has filed the case in good faith. We work with the bankruptcy trustee and strategize with you to maximize your return.

Our Gainesville firm serves Alachua County, North Central Florida and beyond. Call 352-335-0400 or contact us by email.