Commercial Loan Workouts

If your commercial loan has matured or is commercially not feasible because of some circumstance, contact our law firm immediately. We can help you negotiate with the bank to renew or restructure the loan. The involvement of a lawyer on your side will almost always result in a significantly better outcome than you can achieve without counsel.

All too often, "self-help" negotiations with a commercial lender amount to little more than "asking nicely." An attorney like Jeff Childers who is experienced with commercial loan workouts can help you find or develop some traction in the negotiation. We represent small and midsized businesses in Alachua County and North Central Florida, with significant experience in real estate development.

We Excel At Creating Leverage And Convincing Lenders

Clients frequently complain that the lender or loan workout officer is not acting rationally or won't accept reasonable proposals to restructure the loan, seeming instead to prefer a default and potential commercial foreclosure.

If you feel this way about negotiating with your lender, it is because you do not understand completely the incentives that drive your lender's agents in the negotiation. Also, it sometimes benefits to move the negotiation to the legal arena, where lawyers for both sides will engage in resolution, taking the "personality" issue out of the calculation.

At minimum, you can benefit from consulting with someone like Jeff Childers who has successfully resolved dozens of commercial loan scenarios. At ChildersLaw, we are not satisfied with a result that defuses the short-term problem. We focus on negotiating a long-term resolution to our clients' problems so that our clients can once again focus on their core business instead of investing time, money, and emotional capital into worry and stress over the commercial credit.

We Defend Personal Guaranties And Commercial Deficiencies

You may be a guarantor of your commercial loan. Don't accept liability without having us examine the documents and any potential defenses that you might have. We are experienced at litigating deficiency cases, and will explore every avenue to reduce or eliminate deficiency liability on your personal guaranty.

Call our Gainesville law office at 352-335-0400 or contact us online to schedule an initial no-fee consultation with one of our attorneys.