We Embrace Complex Individual Bankruptcy Cases

Have you been told that you don't qualify for bankruptcy? That you will need to wait a year or more for relief? That you will have to forfeit personal assets or let your business go?

Bankruptcy is not just for people who are totally exhausted financially. Congress intended bankruptcy to help reorganize entrepreneurial individuals and companies so that they can get back into the economy as producers, and out of "debt prison."

There is bankruptcy relief. You just need an experienced attorney with the skill and confidence to broaden your options.

ChildersLaw specializes in complex bankruptcies. We help small-business owners and high net worth individuals who face unique issues and barriers. We regularly take on "refugee" cases that other bankruptcy lawyers would not accept or could not solve.

We Go Farther. We Find A Way.

When a bankruptcy trustee, the IRS or a creditor files suit, many bankruptcy practitioners either withdraw from the case or negotiate too quickly. Jeff Childers has a track record of success in bankruptcy litigation cases. Because of that background, your case can benefit from a variety of advanced techniques such as pre-bankruptcy workouts with key creditors, maximizing available exemptions, pre-emptive litigation against bad faith creditors, the proper selection of chapter and the use of complete pre-emptive disclosure to minimize the possibility of effective downstream litigation.

Our firm has secured debt relief and creditor relief where other attorneys fear to tread. We can provide a second opinion and concrete strategies for complex and problematic scenarios:

  • Personal net worth of a million dollars or more
  • Fluctuating "feast or famine" income
  • Ownership stake in multiple businesses
  • Nonexempt assets or equity
  • Major purchases
  • Preference payments to creditors
  • Transfers of property
  • Recently incurred loans, debts or advances
  • Outstanding judgments or pending litigation
  • Tax litigation

Let's Discuss Your Complex Or Unusual Situation

We are not afraid to take on a creditor or a trustee. If your attorney is smart about how the case is filed and anticipates the pushback, you can file bankruptcy and fully capitalize on the opportunity. Our Gainesville firm serves Alachua County and northern Florida. Call 352-335-0400 or contact us online.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.