We Do Not Shy Away From Bankruptcy Litigation

A lot of bankruptcy lawyers will back down when a creditor or trustee raises a formal objection. Some won't even file the case if there is any hint of litigation.

At ChildersLaw, you are represented by an experienced bankruptcy litigator. Jeff Childers can anticipate the pushback in the shaping and timing of your petition to avoid legal challenges. But he is absolutely prepared to go into U.S. Bankruptcy Court to counter allegations and defend your interests.

Successful Representation In U.S. Bankruptcy Court

We represent individuals and businesses in Alachua County and throughout northern Florida. Our specialty is complex individual bankruptcy cases, including those likely to end up in court. Many of our clients are "refugees" whose original attorney was not qualified or willing to litigate.

We have defended clients in a wide range of adversary proceedings and contested matters, including:

  • Nondischargeability actions by creditors or trustees
  • Trustee challenges to claimed exemptions
  • Motion for relief from stay
  • Challenges to a Chapter 11 plan
  • Recovery of preference payments
  • Complaints of bankruptcy fraud or bad faith
  • Allegations of fraudulent transfer

We handle every scenario, whether global denial of debt discharge or "rifle shot" objections to a particular claim. Jeff Childers guides you through every phase of your bankruptcy case and related litigation, from objections at the Meeting of Creditors to motions, hearings, negotiations and trial.

Is Your Bankruptcy Case In Litigation Or Headed That Way?

Most debtors are terrified to oppose the federal government, but we have defeated objections brought by the U.S. Trustee's Office. To get the maximum benefit from bankruptcy, you have to go in with an ambitious strategy and be prepared to let the chips fall where they may. Jeff Childers can skillfully represent you in bankruptcy litigation if your Florida petition is challenged.

Call our Gainesville office at 352-335-0400 or contact us online to arrange a consultation with an experienced bankruptcy litigation attorney.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.