Debt Planning And Strategies To Protect Assets

When you are in debt or arrears, creditors may take action to force payment or recover the collateral. Do you have significant assets vulnerable to creditors and tax collectors? You might be looking ahead to position yourself for a bankruptcy. Or perhaps you are not a candidate for bankruptcy but need immediate strategies to protect a business or personal wealth.

ChildersLaw provides asset planning, debt planning and pre-bankruptcy planning to individuals and couples, and to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Based in Gainesville, we serve clients in Alachua County and throughout northern Florida.

A Purposeful Approach To Complex Financial Problems

Jeff Childers is an experienced bankruptcy and creditors' rights lawyer. Having counseled clients on all sides of the equation (debtors, creditors and trustees), he can anticipate the challenges and guide you to remedies and strategies that will best protect your interests.

If you are facing an inevitable judgment, we can help you prepare for it. For example, if you were legally liable for a business partner's misrepresentations or a family member's auto accident, we can take proactive steps to organize and restructure financing to reduce your personal exposure.

Bankruptcy may not be the answer to your current situation, but it may be necessary or prudent in the foreseeable future. We provide comprehensive and forward-looking counsel to protect your interests, such as:

  • Out-of-court settlement to mitigate an expected judgment
  • Debt settlement negotiations with other creditors
  • Paying down nondischargeable debts, leaving open the option to discharge unsecured debts
  • Paying back friends, family members, business associates and other preferred creditors without triggering fraud or recovery actions
  • Legally transferring or liquidating property
  • Anticipating the Florida bankruptcy exemptions in asset planning
  • Placing assets in trust to shield inheritance from creditors

Discuss Your Options While You Still Have Options

Attorney Childers can address any recently incurred debt, such as personal loans or asset purchases, or pending debts, from civil judgments to income tax arrears to personal guaranty on a commercial loan that has matured.

To arrange a free initial consultation, call our Gainesville law office at 352-335-0400 or contact us by email.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.